Increase your revenue by 20% in 3 months with Conversion Rate Optimizationand UX/UI Design

or I'll work for FREE until we reach this target.

After more than +20 years of UX/UI experience and +5 years of CRO experience running A/B tests for 7-8 figure brands, I know what works.

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I'm Darjan Hren, a conversion designer

20 years of conversion design experience will get you at least 20% more revenue, but the numbers don't stop there.

While Conversion Rate is the common metric everyone looks at, I look at revenue increases as that includes LTV, AOV as well as CR. There's missed potential looking only at CR.

Some of the brands I've helped

Specialized in the Supplements niche

  • spacegoods logo
  • qure logo
  • crazybulk logo
  • testogen logo
  • phenq logo
  • brutal force logo
  • health nutrition logo
  • mountain ice logo
  • tresor logo
  • rise logo
  • sensilab logo
  • slimjoy logo
  • avenobo logo
  • coreone logo
  • beformance logo
  • cloudsharks logo
  • blackwolf logo
  • phengold logo
  • waterout logo
  • zotrim logo
  • ... and many more

Specialized in the Supplements niche

Results are just one call away

Clients saw 33%, 62%, 71% and even 312% increases.

avenobo case study
testogen case study
cloudsharks case study
brutal force case study
crazy bulk case study
slimjoy case study
mountain ice case study
sensilab case study
Black and white photo of Darjan Hren

How does it work?

The process is simple

Week 1

Inputs & Insights

I send you a short questionnaire to fill out.

Once submited and I receive your assets I start on the heuristic analysis and ideation for your high converting design.

We'll also set the brand tone and talk about your look&feel. It's important we set this right.

Week 2-3

Design & Optimization

Start of the deep creative & design process to remove friction and increase clarity while implementing design behavior and persuasion principles with UX/UI best practices.

Once submited I start on the heuristic analysis and ideation for your high converting design to increase Conversion rate, AOV and LTV.

Here's also where we'll collaborate and see how far we can push things.

Week 4

Finalization & Handoff

Presentation of the new design, feedback and iteration to get it right.

You will receive full Figma ownership of the design file to handoff to developers for implementation and testing.

Choose what's right for you

Package one

CRO Audit Report

Get a CRO audit report with a manual check of your website with suggestions and recommendations for improvements.

  • Audit Report Document
  • Mobile + Desktop Audits included

Turnaround time: 1 WEEK



21 - 70 conversion checks

  • Selected Page



+ 250 conversion checks

  • Home Page
  • Category Page
  • Product or Landing Page
  • Cart Page
  • Checkout Page
  • Thank you Page
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Package three

Guaranteed results

CRO+UX Web Design

Bonus: 1 Month of Data Analysis and Optimization

Need a fresh new look for your home page and products page that are on brand & convert better?

Increase your revenue by at least 20% in 3 months or or I'll work for FREE until we reach this target.

  • Conversion Focused UX/UI Design (Homepage, Product page, Cart, Header & Footer)
  • Custom Design
  • Mobile + Desktop Responsive Designs

Turnaround time: 4 - 5 WEEKS

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